Australia ETA Visa (Australia ETA Visa RM 18 - Apply Online)


Once you receive Australia ETA / eVisitor visa approval, legally you are allowed to travel to Australia for the period of 12 months as many times as you want until your visa has expired. However, you may only stay in Australia for a maximum period of 3 months on each visit. To stay in Australia after this 3 months you must leave the country. However, you are allowed to enter again to stay for further 3 months as long as your visa hasn’t expired.
Second, you must not study for more than 3 months during your stay in Australia.
Third, holding ETA / eVisitor visa you are not permitted to do any paid work in Australia during your travel. However, you may undertake any business visitor activities, such as business enquiries or attending any conference etc. Therefore, if anyone doing paid work during their travel they will risk themselves being detained or removed from Australia. In addition, they will be liable for all costs related to detention or removal from Australia.
Finally, you must carry your valid travel document when entering into Australia. Without the valid travel document you might not be able to enter into Australia or it can be delayed until your identity has been confirmed by the Australian Boarder Protection Authority.


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